Get in touch via Whatsapp with our Buyers, see the offers and order the fashion for your Store!

Get in touch via Whatsapp with our Buyers, see the offers and order the fashion for your Store!

Technologies make it possible to connect customers and suppliers with a single message. This is why we can offer a fashion service in real time which, through daily and instant communication, can allow you to access the offers of the Outlets in Italy as if you were directly in the Outlet every day!

Every day we can send you, for free, offers that can allow you to select the best items of your business to be able to resell. Our constant presence allows us, if you have a structure that is intended to resell and in particular of important brands, to send you messages by phone with the Whatsapp application.

So even if you live in Korea, Russia, United Arab Emirates, United States or anywhere far from Italy, Fashiondistribution buyers can do a dedicated and important job for your business.

We have decided to offer this service for free, just contact us or on the site perhaps by registering, or by sending us email or via Whatsapp. For now we offer this service only to those who hold VAT numbers and our customers are mostly and operate on online platforms or with physical stores located outside Italy.

What can be the benefits for your business?

  • You can select the goods, indicating the articles, the sizes and the colors of the offers we send. We don’t work on research, we send what boutiques, stores, outlets have on offer and you can buy as if you were directly in an outlet. You will not burden your warehouse with a lot of stock, we have not imposed purchase limits.
  • With Whatsapp we provide you with information on promotions, we send photos and descriptions, you can choose you can order you can buy and have the goods shipped to your home.
  • Speed ​​is a fundamental factor because the goods at that moment are in outlet and we buy them for you, therefore among many competitors who want Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, Moncler etc. We have to book and receive your order so working in real time will be a big advantage to have the goods you like the most at the best prices.
  • We have been working for about ten years guaranteeing you the authenticity of the goods, all invoiced.
  • The service has no costs, except those of the goods and shipping.

If you want more information or a video call to get to know us, see our offices or know the buyer who will follow you in Italy, contact us by email at or Dr. Filippo Bencivelli +39 3351340534

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