Your fashion buyers in Italy without leaving home

Your fashion buyers in Italy without leaving home

With Fashiondistribution a new opportunity arises for those who own an online resale business or for those who own a b2b fashion resale business.

Thanks to Fashiondistibution you can have offers directly from boutiques, shops, outlets, stockohouses located in Italy in real time.

We will provide clothing promotions, bags, shoes of the best brands.


Our customers will be able to access the reserved offers and promotions area after registering for free on the site. You can consult the product sheets and ask to be able to reserve them if the offers seem interesting to you.

Our collaborators who are professional buyers who work at outlets, in fact, will upload fashion offers on a daily basis to the Fashiondistribution website, uploading offers that come from factory outlets and the best stores in Italy in real time.

Once confirmed the availability of the goods in stores, we will notify in a very short time the availability of the goods that will be sent to the address notified to our customer by grouping the weekly orders.

No fees or compensation or deposits are required for our customers, we will give the opportunity to access offers and promotions of the best brands while staying in front of the computer by offering a service that does not exist on the market at no cost, other than that of the goods and costs of shipment.
You will avoid travel and research costs.

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